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How it works:

This giveaway will be entirely random, free, and anyone can enter. To get a valid entry simply just follow ALL of the steps below. Once the giveaway has ended I will use a random number generator then select whoever that number applies to in chronological order. I will then double check that the participant has done all of the steps via the information given through the form at the end. If the participant has not completed ALL of the steps, I will pick another person at random. Complete step 4 for a double entry. (double your chance to win)

How to enter:

The winner will be chosen totally at random, only if they have done all of the steps. (I will actually be able to check)

Step 1

Like and comment (or mention @deadboylife) on my pinned Instagram post and follow me. Click Here

Step 2

Like and comment on my most recent YouTube video and subscribe to my channel (please watch it too). Click Here

Step 3

Fill in the form below. Do this so I can view your social media handles and check your have followed each step!

Step 4 (opt)

DOUBLE ENTRY** Repost my pinned Instagram post on your story (Optional) Click Here

Verification Check

Please complete the form to confirm your space on the giveaway.

Thanks for submitting! Lets hope you win!

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