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Here is a list of the programs I use most frequently to create my content.

(click on the images to download them)

blender logo transparent


Blender is a free open-source 3D design software which is commonly known for its easy learning curve yet extensive capabilities for animating, modelling, texturing, and literally every aspect of the 3D workflow all in one software.

I singlehandedly create all of my 3D clips in Blender. I use Blender proficiently as my main source of visuals at this point in time, and, in doing so, have garnered a broad knowledge and passion for the software.

adobe after effects logo transparent

After Effects is the standout video editor in the Adobe suite. It is hands down the best video editor for complex video projects that require meticulous detailing. This video editor is not like the others in the market, it has a unique video layering interface (unlike its counterpart Premiere Pro), and it also has a much more fit keyframing system for more intense videos.

After Effects

This is the main video editor that I use as it can do everything I need it to with no hassle. Although, I do not recommend using it for sound design as it does have its limits in that aspect..

premiere pro logo transparent

Although Premiere is a video editing software, I rarely find myself using it for visuals, but more so for sound engineering. I use Premiere Pro to add, mix and master most of the SFX for my videos after they are all rendered from after effects.

Premiere Pro is the face of video editing. It is primarily used to edit longer videos or even movies. It is great for content creators who do not need super complex visuals, but want flawless and subtle editing and transitions.

Premiere Pro

adobe photoshop logo transparent

I mainly use Photoshop to edit and create textures for Blender, to create titles/shapes/symbols for after effects. I do also use Photoshop for image editing thumbnails for videos, or for self-promotional images such as the image used for my portfolio on the home page of this website.

Photoshop is the holy grail of photo editing. It's fame has made it so the word 'Photoshop' can be used as a verb. This software does anything you need it to do for static image editing.


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